Meet Humairah Kalam

Humairah Kalam’s love for flowers was born in India, but blossomed in Hong Kong. And for the past 30 years she’s been striving to master Ikebana, an ancient Japanese art form. Which has been an integral part of her creative inspiration. Although she’s adept in many schools of floral arrangements, it’s the Sogetsu School with its emphasis on bold arrangement that she gravitates to.

In Humairah’s hands, flowers and other natural materials are choreographed to reveal the dance between nature and human artistry. Using the language of flowers, she tells stories that arise from her imagination, stories that sometimes come to her spontaneously when she is drawing.

“Often when I’m sitting and drawing, and then go to arrange,” says Humairah, “my imagination guides me.”

Her imaginative arrangements vary from the simplicity of two calla lilies in separate vases intertwined as if in an embrace, to whimsical leaves crafted into life-like insects and even minimalist arrangements exploding
in vibrant color.

In addition to her extensive experience as a designer, Humairah is accredited with The Sogetsu School of Ikebana of Japan (Japan), Professional Floral Design School (Hong Kong), Ohara School of Ikebana (Japan), Hong Kong Academy of Flower Arrangement (Hong Kong) and Jane Packer Flower School (London).

What is a heart?A flower opening. - Rumi